Why an Owners’ Rep

Why do you need an Owners’ Representative?

Quite often our Client’s don’t have the in-house technical resources to manage the challenges of large environmental projects. Often consultants are selected to develop and implement the environmental strategy that will hopefully mitigate client’s risk and associated liabilities. While some consultants are good at taking samples and diagnosing liabilities,few are able to develop a comprehensive strategy that includes assessing the ‘speculative’ risk of the known uncertainties associated with every environmental project. An Owners’ Representative will represent the Client’s concerns from plan to completion with fiscal responsibility and risk management as primary focus.

     Fidelis believes that the responsibility of an Owners’ Representative is to establish a strategy for mitigating an environmental project by first understanding what the Client’s goals are. Once the goals are established the responsibility of the Owners’ Representative is to keep consultants on-task with the objective of completing the project as quickly as possible. We provide experienced personnel who have worked on large and complex projects across the country and are experienced in managing our Client’s team of professionals to accomplish project goals while maintaining quality and economic objectives.

Ultimately the Owners’ Representative is responsible to the Client and success of the project. If project success is the metric used to assess performance then someone needs to represent the Client’s desire for success. If success is measured by budget and schedule, reducing liability and transferring or developing environmentally impaired properties, then an independent Owner’s Representative is essential.            

      Fidelis Owners’ Representatives will spend months on the road representing their client’s concerns and are not interested in prolonging a project any longer than is necessary. It goes beyond being technically sound to being available to your client wherever and whenever necessary.  We work hard and expect the same of all project personnel.  It is the responsibility of the Owners’ Rep to monitor the performance of the entire team and replace personnel when it is beneficial to the project. If our Client is not satisfied with the results of the project then we make changes where appropriate. We have no conflict of interest when it comes to project performance; we represent our client’s objectives and are capable of managing those who may not have the same objective or sense of project urgency.

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