About Us

What We’re About

FIDELIS Environmental Risk Management, LLC, (FIDELIS) was formed to provide environmental project management and owners representation services to Brownfield developers and other responsible parties tasked with repositioning environmentally impaired properties.

 FIDELIS provides environmental services on a national basis with programs that are built on decades of experience managing and executing

  • complex demolition
  • mining expansion & cleanup
  • environmental cleanup
  • redevelopment projects

for a variety of industrial and redevelopment entities. FIDELIS works with and contracts the necessary personnel to meet growing project demand and to diversify its technical and risk management capabilities.

     Our  focus is to get environmentally impaired properties cleaned up and repositioned within budget and schedule.  The job will be done right, without question, giving you the confidence you need to go forward with your project.

Why do you need an Owners’ Representative?

The reason your partnership with FIDELIS will make an accountable difference in the execution and results of your project is simple.  FIDELIS will put your project on a schedule, completing it in a timely manner, and our first focus will go towards mitigating the moral hazard created by too much consulting without actual productivity. We work with parties responsible for site remediation and reuse to manage the complex circumstances associated with environmental restoration projects of all kinds, with a goal to actively remedy the site. We work with all parties to develop overall project objectives, identify the most favorable potential outcomes that will benefit the property owner and implement strategies to achieve those outcomes while mitigating risk.

FIDELIS works closely with the owners’ existing legal and technical experts to develop a proactive program management strategy that is closely aligned with the owners’ long term interests with respect to technical execution of the project, conservation of capital, and management of risk. We serve as the voice of the owner to promote your financial, legal and strategic interests while implementing environmental management methods that restore and protect the environment in a manner that provides the best business and risk management results.

As Owners’ Representatives we function within four distinct service areas.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Third Party Relations

The FIDELIS analysis of your project will determine which of these services will best suit your needs. 

Strategic Planning

Creating a strategic plan, specifically designed to implement the project in a manner that is most beneficial to the property owner is imperative to the success of the project. Our plan will always align with the core interests, and fiscal concerns of the owner business rather than being swayed by external forces.  FIDELIS achieves efficient and productive project results by performing an overall project review, and developing your Environmental Program Management Objectives consistent with your Technical and Business Interests and Risk Tolerance. These objectives are designed to preserve and protect the owner’s interests throughout the life of the project.

In developing a Strategic Plan, FIDELIS reviews the technical remedy to determine what aspects of the project are less certain, then develops project and risk management methods designed to decrease the likelihood that these uncertainties will result in additional financial burdens. Once technical uncertainties are identified FIDELIS develops a risk management and transfer strategy designed to protect owner and related entities in the short and long term.

Project Management                                                       

FIDELIS uses a Project Management Process that includes a prioritized project plan that integrates remediation and site development activities into a master project schedule. We manage financial expenditures in a manner that provides the most efficient use of available funds to fulfill the program management objectives in a timely manner while complying with or exceeding the expectations of regulatory authorities and other project stakeholders.

Whenever possible, FIDELIS advocates the use of local consultants, contractors, and service providers in order to manage cost, maintain local knowledge base and create and support community buy-in for the project. We also integrate the use of existing legal experts and professionals on the program team to capitalize on institutional knowledge and minimize the potential for redundant work.

Risk Management Services

FIDELIS utilizes its expertise in insurance and contract administration to manage project risk and to support the development schedule. FIDELIS personnel oversee site activities to ensure that the environmental risk management strategies are implemented as designed. As the Owners’ Representative, FIDELIS is uniquely positioned to ensure that the environmental remedy is implemented on schedule and within budget.

Third Party Interactions

FIDELIS manages all regulatory agency interactions on behalf of owner. This is done in cooperation with legal counsel to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize project costs.  We use industry experts sparingly when necessary to evaluate and promote the use of specialized technologies and restoration methodologies critical to achieve technical success while maintaining budge parameters. We also manage the Public Relations aspect establishing a proactive and productive effort to restore the environment and protect the interests of all parties.


The Guarantee

“FIDELIS will give you the confidence you need to move forward with your project knowing that we provide the most cost effective method to execute complex environmental restoration projects and manage the associated risks.”    Ken Elliott, Principal

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